Sundar viswakarma

Sundar viswakarma is the main instructor of the Arya’s Dance Academy and is associated with the institute since long. 

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Sundar viswakarma has always been keen about dancing since childhood and had always dreamed high about taking his passion further as his career.

Thus, he had learnt dancing under renowned choreographer since childhood and had always dreamt of making life our of this passion. 

Noticing his dancing skills and being pleased with his ability to deliver the same, ADA students had welcomed home whole heartedly within a very short time.

So he decided to stay joined with the academy to ride ADA on the right track! 

Since then Sundar viswakarma has been the strong support to this institute and had been happily catering to the classes. The students love to be on his class, with age no bar liking. 


195, Rashbehari Avenue
1st Floor, Kolkata-700019


Mobile: 9051881104 / 9051881105 / 8442881105