What People Say

  • Shyam and Biki

    Both Biki and Shyam were satisfied with the ambiance and performance of the students of the Academy. The students have highly impressed the guest duo, with their energy, level of performance, the level of the show and the hospitality received.

  • Baba Yadav

    The Bengali Dance Guru Baba Yadav has always shared highly positive views regarding ADA and has always taken high interest in getting into relationship with this academy with respect to dancing and talent hunt. Keeping fingers crossed for future successful projects.

  • Amardeep Singh Natt

    The Robotic Dancer Amardeep was impressed with the training skills of the instructors of the academy. The Bollywood dance form takes a lead in the academy, but the students keep equal enthusiam and interest in learning the new dance forms. This was the most interesting fact about ADA according to Amardeep.

  • Deepak Singh

    Deepak Singh was so overwhelmed with the level and standad of the performances in the annual show of the academy that he could not resist himself from running to the stage and perform with the students there. ADA had created a positive vibe for him towards dancing and the effort and labour that each member puts in.

  • Ganesh Acharya

    Ganesh Acharya was so pleased with the institute that he made a promise to visit the academy whenever he was called for. The friendly attitude of Mr. Pranav Arya, the passion for dancing within the dancers and the disciplined atmosphere are the key factors that had made him fall in love with the institute.According to him "ADA is one of the best academied in Kolkata where students from across Bengal and India can definitely come and jointo brush off their talents".

  • Saroj Khan

    "I loved being here" - short yet says it all. These were the exact words from the legendary dancing queen once she visitd the academy in 2017. She praised the dancing talent of the students as well as the management and trainiing skills of the ADA members. The hospitality and respect showered on her was also highly praised. ADA is proud to have her on their floor as well as to meet up to her expectations with respect to arrangements.

  • Dharmesh

    Dharmesh had accepted the fact that the students of Arya’s Dance Academy are energy capsules, full of energy and great enthusiasm. The students are yet more disciplined and are ooze with confidence on the stage.

  • Sushant Pujari

    In his words Sushant Pujari had clearly expressed his likeness towards Arya’s Dance Academy. He was highly impressed with the hard work and dedication the students had shown for their performances. He also praised the hospitality and warmth that he received from the Academy and the people associated with it.