Pranav Arya, proprietor of Arya’s Dance academy had always dreamed big about shaping up an institute on dancing. 

Born and Brought up in Muzaffarpur, Bihar and even being the youngest son of a conservative and traditional Arya family, his keenness towards establishing a dance academy had brought him all the way to Kolkata to let his dreams be successful.

Mr. Arya had urges to create a name of his own when he had travelled to Kolkata. He had seen a hard life with lots of struggle. But life had to go on, and so with a small amount of daily wages Pranav Arya’s life thus started moving. Slowly and gradually after 6 years of immense struggle he could finally meet choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Mr. Acharya was highly impressed with his knack towards dancing and his dreams to open an academy to allow many other dancers like him get the opportunity to learn dancing. Arya’s Dance Academy was thus his brainchild and Ganesh Acharya had guided him how to go ahead with the project. There was a good number of admissions in the first month itself. There were students who were not so strong financially, but money could not be the reason to allow a talent die. He had actually made those passionate dancers be Someone from No-one! Most of them are working with the Bollywood industry today. These dancers had named Pranav Arya as ” The master with a Golden Heart “! Arya’s Dance Academy was established in the year 2010 and this institute mainly focused on dancing and forming a starting platform for the dancers to showcase their talent. With a good network in the industry, Pranav Arya made a gateway for his dancers to the real industry, be it through Reality shows auditions and selections or a direct entry to Bollywood. There were troubles in the journey but he had always been positive and never wanted to give up. The result stands today as the Arya’s Dance Academy, a brandname known to almost all dance lovers. Veteran Bollywood choreographers like Remo D’Souza, Saroj Khan, Ganesh Acharya and the younger ones like Dharmesh, Punit and many more are all not only aware of this brandname, but are associated with the same on a regular basis. Pranav Arya is a name, they don’t need a second thought to work with his academy. 

With hard work, patience and perseverance, his start up venture went on climbing up high along the success ladder and the name caught hold of the attention the people in Kolkata within a short span of time. 

Today, Arya’s Dance Academy (ADA) and Pranav Arya are almost two different sides of the same coin when it comes to talk about ‘the Best Dance academy in Kolkata’. 

Every year during the annual show of the Academy, ADA ensures that there is a Bollywood celebrity as the Chief guest, who teaches new technicalities to the students in the academy.

Pranav Arya has always kept his vision clear and mission focussed, which has made his success story even more noteworthy. 

Yet a very Long Way to go with the same determination and the grace of the Almighty!


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1st Floor, Kolkata-700019


Mobile: 9051881104 / 9051881105 / 8442881105

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