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Annual Show 2012

He has made almost all Bollywood stars dance under his guidance. Be it the Non dancers_ simple yet enjoyable moves or be it the beautiful technicality to make Hrithik Dance, the name that is placed uniformly with every star is Masterji AKA Ganesh Acharya. The first ever Annual show of Arya_s Dance had invited Ganesh Acharya to mark the beginning of the new and long journey of the academy. Having good terms with proprietor Pranav Arya, Masterji could not afford to miss the opportunity to visit the City of Joy, especially the academy. This definitely acted as a big boon for the Institute and helped them wave the first flag of success. The show was a brilliant one with superb performance from all batches, irrespective of their age and gender. Their performances had pleased the veteran choreographer, while the latter had performed to his numbers and added a spark to the event. Ganesh Acharya had also agreed for workshops for the students and had shown special interest towards the academy with respect to the high standards and the hardworking and talented instructors associated with it.