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Annual Show 2015

After the Dance oriented movie ABCD2 did its business good in the BO, Susant Pujari became a household name for all youngsters. His dancing abilities and the electrifying performances in the dance reality shows were already well known of. The long curly mane entangled casually with a hairband and the broad smile became the style statement to define Susant Pujari. Thus, when whole of India was busy talking about this new face in the industry, Pranav Arya made it an attempt to make the students of his academy get the chance to meet Susant Pujari in person. So, he invited Susant to the Annual show of the academy in 2015. Pujari had brightened up the show with his presence and dance moves to the ABCD tunes and had presented the certificates of excellence of the Academy to every candidate, followed by chat sessions and of course the never-to-miss photo sessions.