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Annual Show 2017

If the Bengali Film industry has seen a change in the Dance forms in the recent years, e credit all goes to BABA YADAV and his team. When dancing around the trees for a song sequence needed a back seat, Baba Yadav had placed his foot forward to mark the change. BINGO! the change was amazing! Arya_s Dance Academy did not want to miss the chance to let its students learn the steps from Baba Yadav. Hence, the call for the Annual show, preceeded by a 2 days workshop in the academy. The annual show was arranged in Uttam Manch and had a series of mesmerizing performances from the students as well as the special guest. from the toddlers to the senior, from the youth to the senior citiizens,,,all rocked the show with equal awe and splendour. Keeping up to the expectations, the show was once again a hit. Baba Yadav seemed really pleased with the standard of performance and had shown keenness in visiting the academy again in the future.