Annual Shows


Ganesh Acharya:

He has made almost all Bollywood stars dance under his guidance. Be it the Non dancers’ simple yet enjoyable moves or be it the beautiful technicality to make Hrithik Dance, the name that is placed uniformly with every star is Masterji AKA Ganesh Acharya. The first ever Annual show of Arya’s Dance had invited Ganesh Acharya to mark the beginning of the new and long journey of the academy. 

Having good terms with proprietor Pranav Arya, Masterji could not afford to miss the opportunity to visit the City of Joy, especially the academy. This definitely acted as a big boon for the Institute and helped them wave the first flag of success.

The show was a brilliant one with superb performance from all batches, irrespective of their age and gender. Their performances had pleased the veteran choreographer, while the latter had performed to his numbers and added a spark to the event. 

Ganesh Acharya had also agreed for workshops for the students and had shown special interest towards the academy with respect to the high standards and the hardworking and talented instructors associated with it. 

In fact he was so pleased with the institute that he made a promise to visit the academy whenever he was called for. The friendly attitude of Mr. Pranav Arya, the passion for dancing within the dancers and the disciplined atmosphere are the key factors that had made him fall in love with the institute. 



Dharmesh, popularly known as D-Sir is perhaps the best Hip Hop star in Bollywood at present. 

Placing his foot forward with the reality show, D Sir has made his place quite profound and strong in the industry with his dancing skills. His Spectacular moves, ability to shake even to the slightest of beats, amicable flexibility have made Dharmesh the most talked about name on any dance floor of the country. 

ADA had invited Dharmesh to their Annual show in the year 2013. He had glorified the stage with his immensely intensive dance moves and his humble nature had pleased all the audience. 

While He handed over the certificates of excellence to the participants and graced the occasion with his good wishes, Arya’s Dance Academy had surely created a history in the dance academies of Kolkata, arranging such a spectacular show for the students and their parents. Dharmesh had accepted the fact that the students of Arya’s Dance Academy are energy capsules, full of energy and great enthusiasm. The students are yet more disciplined and are ooze with confidence on the stage.


Shyam & Biki

As ADA has always focussed on bringing front the young and new talents, it had made this belief more inspiring for its students of the Academy, in 2014. 

The invited guests for the annual show of that year were the Dance India Dance faces Biki and Shyam. They were the participants of the reality show DID season 4. While Biki was the hip hop master of the season, Shyam emerged to wear the Winning feather on his hat.Both very young and talented guys, and had performed on the stage to entertain the audience, followed by the certificate distribution to the students. 

Biki and Shyam had shared their experiences and the journey till the winning title, which had inspired many students. This was clearly noticeable afterwards in dance competitions and reality shows, where performers from ADA had participated and had won the title as well.

Both Biki and Shyam were satisfied with the ambiance and performance of the students of the  Academy. The students have highly impressed the guest duo, with their energy, level of performance, the level of the show and the hospitality received.


Sushant Pujari

After the Dance oriented movie ABCD2 did its business good in the BO, Susant Pujari became a household name for all youngsters. His dancing abilities and the electrifying performances in the dance reality shows were already well known of. The long curly mane entangled casually with a hairband and the broad smile became the style statement to define Susant Pujari. 

Thus, when whole of India was busy talking about this new face in the industry, Pranav Arya made it an attempt to make the students of his academy get the chance to meet Susant Pujari in person. So, he invited Susant to the Annual show of the academy in 2015. 

Pujari had brightened up the show with his presence and dance moves to the ABCD tunes and had presented the certificates of excellence of the Academy to every candidate, followed by chat sessions and of course the never-to-miss photo sessions. 

In his words he had clearly expressed his likeness towards Arya’s  Dance Academy. He was highly impressed with the hard work and dedication the students had shown for their performances. He also praised the hospitality and warmth that he received from the Academy and the people associated with it.


Deepak Singh

On December 12th, 2016, Arya’s Dance Academy had organised their Best ever and the 5th Annual Show at Uttam Mancha. The Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and Nach Baliye famed choreographer Deepak Singh was invited as the Celebrity guest. The Man had also catered a 2 days workshop for the ADA students prior to the Annual Show. 

Celebrity Guest Deepak Singh was so overwhelmed with the level and standard of the show that he couldn’t restrict himself from running to the stage and performing with the students there. ADA had created a positive vibe for him towards dancing and the effort and labour that each member puts in. The Guest expressed how lucky he was on being called to the Show and that he had hardly been so impressed with any other dance academy and its crew.



So following the trend 2017 was for yet another person to brighten up the evening of the Annual Show. BABA YADAV – a name that defines Tollywood choreography. Bengali Film industry is believed to have faced a transformation through the ideas of this man. The ever encouraging Choreographer had a mesmerising evening with ADA, showering his wishes and blessings for a brighter future of the academy.



Vaubhav Ghuge is a Bollywood choreographer who have been assisting many ace chireographers as well as have made a mark as an independent choreographer in many  dance reality shows on National Television. 

A sober and gentle person who creates a magic with his moves had been extremely pleased and amazed by the level of performance by the ADA students in the Annual show 2019. His vouching on the fact of extending support towards ADA and its students have made a remarkable difference to the dance pattern and choreography standards too.


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